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Wasteland 3 Update #14: A Bold New Frontier

Posted: November 3rd, 2016, 3:27 pm
by sear
Hi everyone,

The campaign for Wasteland 3 is at its end! We're making a new Wasteland game, and we could not be more overjoyed that is the case! :D

In this short update, we have a new image showing the Gippers faction, a message from Brian, as well as a radio call from a new character from Wasteland 3... ... 10#updates

The final hours are ticking down on our campaign and we once again are honored by your support. I assure you that these crowdfunding campaigns are critical to our ability to make the kind of RPG that we like to play and create. This was true in 2012 with our Wasteland 2 campaign and it's true again with Wasteland 3.

The biggest difference between now and 2012 is that we have assembled far greater talent to make this next game. The depth of writing, visual effects, balancing and polish will be on a new level for inXile. I could not be more confident in the team. We will make you proud again.