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Wasteland 3 Update #13: A Coiled Story

Posted: November 2nd, 2016, 11:20 am
by sear
Hey all,

Today's update brings some new lore from George Ziets about the Dunes of Thoughts, as well as a fully 3D interactive model preview for a character we showed earlier! ... 08#updates

[From the letters of Doctor Ellen Buchanan, dated 2022 - twenty-five years after the bombs fell. Housed in the Patriarch’s personal archive, Colorado Springs.]

I’m writing this from the passenger seat of an old, prewar pickup, not far from the ruins of Fort Garland. It’s April, I think… almost two years since we embarked upon this project to survey what’s become of our world.

My driver is a silent, pale-skinned man, his bald head mottled with scars and radiation burns. His coveralls have been mended so many times that I’ve taken to calling him Patch. He never speaks, so I don’t know if he minds the name, but I hope he doesn’t. Ever since the death of Dr. Herrera, he’s been my sole companion and friend.

A few days ago, Patch and I reached the edge of a barren expanse. Sand piled in vast, sweeping dunes at the edge of the mountains. This was once a national park that had been turned over to a group of scientists – not university professors like I once was, but a private foundation. They’d fenced off the whole area, and no one was allowed inside.

Of course, my curiosity immediately got the better of me. I told Patch to stay with the truck, and I set off alone.

At the edge of the dunes, I found toppled fences and guard towers, probably abandoned when the bombs fell. As I climbed over the ruins, I saw flickers of blue light from the sands beyond.

Re: Wasteland 3 Update #13: A Coiled Story

Posted: November 2nd, 2016, 11:44 am
by Drool
That's great and all, but you guys keep not answering the burning question.

I'm just going to assume it's single player.

Re: Wasteland 3 Update #13: A Coiled Story

Posted: November 2nd, 2016, 12:28 pm
by Zombra
The "bit of everything" left me somewhat disappointed ... I can think of at least one thing that was left out entirely :?
Just one day left - I'm still waiting for that Hail Mary substance update ...

On a positive note, I'm very much enjoying the Ziets stuff, and the Dunes of Thought are suitably intriguing.