Wasteland 3 Update #22: Names Change, But The Story Remains

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Wasteland 3 Update #22: Names Change, But The Story Remains

Post by phimseto » August 10th, 2017, 9:44 am

https://www.fig.co/campaigns/wasteland- ... 46#updates

In this update, we begin building out an area of the game, taking it from concept into its early development stages.

Part of the fun of this series, and it's certainly part of the fun of developing the game, is watching as these rough early sketches and layouts become the finished product that you will experience in the game. At this stage in "Building the Everest", you're seeing us lay the foundation for the zone - specifically, refining the concept and then beginning to move from concept to implementation, iterating on ideas the whole way through. What you see here is the earliest part of development, where the practice of narrative and level design meet for the first time.
All that and more here: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/wasteland- ... 46#updates

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Re: Wasteland 3 Update #22: Names Change, But The Story Remains

Post by Grohal » August 10th, 2017, 10:41 am

Still not much to discuss about, but interessting nonetheless. Thanks. :)
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Re: Wasteland 3 Update #22: Names Change, But The Story Remains

Post by Mole204 » August 10th, 2017, 10:24 pm

So Colin is a "narrative designer", eh? I encourage you to do your job and do it well. I've long held that swearing in the text is proof that one can't write. I want WL3 to go in the direction of WL1, not towards "garbage-soaked Fallout copycat."
The description of Alex Kerr seems to be properly focused. It sounds like he's doing his job.
For some reason I liked the name "The Stanley Hotel" better. It's more vague then the Everest Hotel, of which sounds like a motel, a business type which has to try to hit every unnecessary zinger-point they can to try to get noticed by people literally driving past them. Of course, you're not trying to aim for copyright infringement, just a nice mention of the same source The Shining was based on. (Stanley not being the same Stanley from Gravity Falls, either.) Of course, you don't need an actual dimensional rift, if there "is" one they just can't get to it. "It's down there I saw it and it gave me stock market advice!" There's enough geological formations like raw crystal fissures created/altered by WW3 and whatever could drip from it. All sorts of gullible people stuck in the tree-crowded middle of nowhere. I hate mushrooms as a food source, but they can get really pretty as a fictional art object. Especially the giant ones. And after all, with a wide enough game-board you can always have the possibility of all the factions, just holed up in their prospective corners doing their own things- and if there's one thing that humanity excels at it is creating evil people to plot evil deeds. I wonder what the local funeral parlor is up to? Or "French amateur politics" and the amount of people they've killed.
The original Stanly idea was better, where the hotel keepers would just shrug, offer some painless poison, and accept "They'll just die." Not much more than that- no "At least"'s. At least they won't take out a dozen people in an insane rage on their way down. At least they will be spared the pain of a gruesome knife-gutted death. Infection. Starvation. Radiation. Biker injury. Injury gone strange from some imaginative sci-fi thing. Just a plate of food and a decanter of alcohol both of fine level the customer wouldn't have had access to otherwise and a noose waiting in the forest. But killing people because they (hotel guys) believe in ghosts? Somehow it takes away from the inexplicable horror of it. I like the idea of "the quiet death in a rough and failed world" as more solid then "We need more ghosts in the eastern hallway. Go choose some guests to top them up with."
Donnelly's lead to the forest and hotel looks good. And between the 1980's being the last level of technology, and the nows when robots walk the earth, just what sort of floppy disk is it? Might be a danger in and of it's self.
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