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Kide raised her head among her notes to look around the dusty bar. It seemed she was getting more comforable among the other rangers, who mostly were doing their own things. Then she got back to her journal and notes, to finish up what she had started.

=) Yeah, it is catchy note, sometimes it is just nice to listen to old 8 bit nindento music from different games. The sounds from DOS games were quite something too, probably remember Duck tales: the quest for gold from that time. Oh the good old hard games of different types. ^^
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Instead of opening a new thread, I think I'll join in here.

I am a 38 yr old gamer from Germany and I also haven't played Wasteland, but I did play Fallout1+2 when they were released (registered on nma in 2003) and both are still one of my favourite in all time games (even though I remember Fo2 being buggy as hell when it came out and the first patch rendered the 1.0 savegames unusable) I just registered here after backing the project at kickstarter. I am really curious about what will happen here. Maybe it will just be an awesome old school rpg, but maybe the whole fan funding idea as such will start to move things in a better direction.

all of you: remember to duck an cover ;-)
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A figure appears along the ridge line, the glint of sunlight shimmering off a pair of spectacles. As the figure draws closer the Rangers at the gate can discern it's a male in his early to mid thirties. On his person he has a battered trench coat, Khaki colored camo pants, well cared for combat boots, and a tactical vest full of pockets, some grens, ammo clips and what appears to be various gizmos of old world tech hanging to and frow. A dangling wire can be seen hanging from his left ear, disappearing into one of the pockets on his vest. In his hands he's holding what appears to be an old, yet serviceable Armalite rifle as a if it were a walking stick.

The stranger approaches the gate, and lifts a necklace of what can only be ears.

Ranger: "Who goes there stranger? And what's that you have there?"

Stranger: "Ran into a group of settlers a few days walk east. Seems they were having a problem with some Ghoulies, when I arrived. Damn bastards didn't stand a chance. I couldn't save any of them from the cooking pot, but was able to put down those flesh eating bastards so they couldn't cause any mischief to others.
I took there ears

Plops down the gruesome necklace in front of the Ranger.

"Figured some vills pay handsome for removing scum like that from their territories. At the very least thought it might pay for a bed and hot meal. Anyway, after I put the mutilated setters in the ground I found they had a semi working radio", points to the device on his chest the wire is hanging from.

"After a bit of tinkering, got it working. When I turned it on, found there was a signal stating their was a Ranger station nearby looking for recruits. Did a bit of ordinal direction finding to figure out where the signal was strongest, and headed straight here. Figured some of my skills could be of use to a rowdy lot like yourselves. "

Ranger: "That's an interesting tale stranger. Surprisingly enough we DO compensate for pest removal, so you've earned yourself a bed and a hot meal. But one thing first, What's yer name?"

Stranger: Removes his spectacles, and starts cleaning them on his shirt. "Folks just call me Techno, seein as how I have a knack for reviving old world contraptions."

The Ranger nods, and ushers Techno into the compound...
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Real world about myself.

Graphics/Web Dev, shlepping it out in NYC.

Cut my teath on Fallout 1, I was 8 years old when wasteland came out, so a bit before my time.
I only discovered fallout1 in 03, so by then, wasteland's interface was a bit archaic for me, even though I knew it ws the grandfather of it all.

Played all the fallout games since, even ran a homebrew d20 apocalypse tabletop game, themed on the fallout universe. Good times. "dont' get too carried away with mutations..letting the handgun expert somehow wield 4 hand guns simultaneously due to his newly formed quadra arms mutation, was a big mistake..bastard would run out of ammo in a single round,a nd had to carry dozens of pistols. )

Currently got a kickstarter project of my own up about a zombie apocalypse board game(28mm scaled post apocalyptic modular tiles, miniatures, GM-less, card based events, group controlled zombies). See sig for details.

Looking into the Kick it forward project that Brian suggested in a previous update.
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I got a case the other day about a reward for a gang of theaves who knocked over a couple of mail trucks in Amarillo they where last seen several days east of Santa Fe. After travailing for a couple day I have comeacross some farmlands with there neet rows of raged wheat and corn. The area is hilly and no houses are in sight, but there is a little bit of a path leading northish. I fallowed the path for an hour or so before I could see light coming off a tin roof over the next hill. The Hamlet was not very big a half mile across but it was well defended with a thick earth wall and moat. A field watchtower gard spoted me and kept me in his sights untilled I got to the gate house. Where I got a pass from the warden to keep my weapons on me, and he offered me help if I needed it. But he said that there have been no groups coming through town for weeks. I rented a room for the night from the salon. I checked my gearfor the next day when I heard a rap on my door, it was one of the yards in a brown duster jacket and a .44 on his leg. He said that one of the watchmen saw a troop of men heading into town and the warden wanted me to check it out with him. I got my .357 repeater and headed for the gatehouse. I got there as the first rider made it to the gate. He did not match the description of the mailtruck robbers but the next guy did. I whispered to the warden to bring them in. He went out and talked to the odd man out. He complied and gave the warden his guns but his friends panicked drawing there guns. I shot the first one in the face, and the gards mopped up the others. We checked the corpses a couple of them had letters they where using as wading, and a postmans gun. We don't know what happened to the other mail they stole and no one had any identifying marks or papers. All we found out was they had new guns and ammunition with no stamps or serial numbers. This has me worried.
"Only the dead have truly seen the end of war" Plato
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I'm actually too young to have played the original wasteland but I have extremely fond memories of the first two fallouts (especially FO2) and Baldur's gates (again especially BG2). I spent countless hours playing those games and the newer games have never had the same kind of impact on me. The dark world of fallout with its even darker sense of humour is something I've been missing while playing all the other -lesser- games.

Hopefully wasteland 2 will offer the same kind of experience those games did.
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A rather plain looking man, maybe in his thirties, but it was hard to tell, things being as they were in the desert, came into view of the sentries at Ranger Center.

"Hold up, Mister." The young Grenadier said, raising his hand.

The plain looking man, wearing a gray shop coat, sturdy boots and fatigue pants complied, totally nonplussed by the command.

"Where are you coming from?" The much younger Corporal asked.

"West of here." The plain looking man replied, without a trace of emotion in his voice.

No guns, no knives. Not so much as a bullet to his name. He was unarmed, to be certain.

The Grenadier looked at him sideways.

"West of here's a pretty big place, Mister-"

"Adam. My father called me Adam." The man said with a shrug.

"Alright, then, 'Adam'," The Grenadier replied, "as I was saying, 'west of here' is a pretty big place. Could you narrow it down a bit? You don't look like an Aggie, or a nomad. Never seen folks like you around Highpool, so that narrows things down a little."

"Quartz? Needles? You don't look like a scav, so I think The Village is out."

"I've never been to any village. I've passed through Needles and Quartz though." The man replied.

"So you're from Vegas?" The Grenadier concluded.

"I didn't say that." The man replied. His mannerisms were odd. Eyes darting around one moment. Firmly fixed on the sentries the next.

"Well, considering there's nothing past Vegas but a smoking ruin that was once called 'Cochise', you'll pardon my skepticism. So what are you trying to say? You hoofed it across the wastes from beyond there? Without even a canteen?"

"I lost it...I think." The man said with a shrug.

The sentries were getting a bit agitated now.

"You think you lost one of the single most important pieces of gear in the desert? Are you for real, Mister?" The Corporal asked, suspiciously.

"As real as you are, Ranger." The man replied, eyes settling on the gates to the large fortress his father had told him of, Ranger Center.

"Quit playing games, Mister." The Grenadier said with his agitation showing now, in his voice and his body language. "Who are you and where are you from?"

"I told you, I am Adam and I am from west of here. Where, exactly, I don't remember, but my father sent me here as he has had dealings with Rangers before and said you may be of help. His name is Max and he worked for a man named Brygo. Now, he would have come himself, but for reasons he wouldn't explain to me, he changed his mind at the last moment and sent me on my own. He believes that your organization could help with the current situation in the west. Now, I assume neither of you are old enough to remember 'Cochise' or what it was, but I assure you, I know very well what it was and, better than you or perhaps most Rangers, just what the unforeseen and unintended repercussions of it's destruction were. Now, if you please, I would like to speak to someone here who can remember the dark days of the death machines and the place called 'Cochise'."...


Hey folks. Like some of you, I've been waiting a LONG time for this. I first played (and completed...about fifty times, give or take) the Apple II version of Wasteland beginning back in the spring of 1989 when I was 12.

At the time, I thought it was the greatest computer came ever made.

Twenty three years later, I still believe that Wasteland was the greatest game ever made and when I found out that Wasteland 2 was no joke, for real and coming...I actually gave a damn about computer gaming for the first time since Arcanum came out. Last time I was interested before THAT...well, Out of This World would be the name of that game.

Glad to see this becoming a reality and glad to be here to see it all unfold, along with other aging Gen X gamers like myself and a crop of brand new players, culled from a new generation, who cut their teeth on games like Fallout and others.

See you around,

Son of Max
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I'll probably join here as well, rather than making a new thread. =D

I'm about 20, so obviously, Wasteland has been around longer than I have. Lol. I'm primarily a Baldur's Gate 2 fan, the second RPG I've ever played. (My first RPG and video game was actually Diablo 2.) Since then, I've been trying to go through all Black Isle games. Actually finished Fallout 2 last week.

I've only recently started playing Wasteland and to be quite honest, I'm really quite confused as to how to actually play it. Walkthrough and manuals, I guess, weren't made for modern noobs like me, who have much more simpler and basic problems. Like, right now all my characters are close to dying/unconsciousness and I'm being followed by several lizards and bunnies and I'm not sure how you use medic/"heal" or switch to fist weapon etc. xD Guess I'll probably end up having to watch those Let's Play to figure it out...

While I admit I'm quite nervous about investing in sequel for a game I'm having quite a bit of trouble with, whose hardcore fans are being quite... hardcore about it in its sequel, I'm optimistic that Wasteland 2 will blow me away regardless.
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SOunds like you had ONE too many bottles of Snake Squeezins
Cooking up Blood Sausage since 1988.
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Time Stop

Arright, that should do it.

So, where do I start ?... Oh well, I guess I'll just write down a resume for those who are interested. These poor people should at least know who they are dealing with.

Name : Nohar
Race : Human
Gender : Irrelevant
Age : Irrelevant
Alignment : Well, I guess I'm pretty Chaotic Neutral (though some would say I'm Chaotic Good, but I don't buy it).
Class : Mage (2nd edition name), Wizard (3rd edition name).
School Specialization : Conjuration.
Barred school : Divination (as per 2nd edition rules). Due to the 3rd edition of D&D, I'm actually involved in a trial in order to keep my specialization and my spellbook, but things aren't looking good... Curse them, there's no way I'm going to drop 2 schools of magic (even if I couldn't care less about Necromancy).
Level : I recently hit the 17th level. "Nothing quite like the feel of a new spell level", like Redcloak would say.
Magical color : Mostly pinkish.
Ability scores : Strenght: 9 - Dexterity: 11 - Constitution: 12 - Intelligence: 19 - Wisdom: 9 - Charisma: 13.
Spell list (incomplete) : Nohar's Finger of Troll, Nohar's Bubble of speech, Nohar's Power Word No, Nohar's Power Word Yes, Nohar's 180°, Nohar's Flash Edition, Summon Tea*, Aganazar's scorcher*, Fireball*, Meteor Swarm*, Gust of wind*, Trope Summoning X, Bixby's Punch, Bixby's Pat on the shoulder, Bixby's Clap, Bixby's Big Thumbs Up, Planeshift, Time Stop.
* Spells used for mundane utility and house cleaning.
Class skills : Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Knowledge : [Video games, Tropes, D&D, Webcomics, Law].
Other skills : Langages : [English, French].

Well, that should do it. I'm currently trying to Plane Shift into the plane of Wasteland 2, but each time I'm trying to go there, I'm receiving a strange message, something about a "404 Not Found. The plane you are looking for is currently unavailable". Weird. I may need to research an "Epic Plane Shift" spell.

Disclaimer : Nohar isn't related in any way to the character Vaarsuvius from "The Order of the Stick" comic - which is a great comic what you should definitly read, asap, now, period.

End of Time Stop
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Nice to read about you Nohar. Welcome and yes, OotS rules.
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.....recently promoted to the rank of Specialist . Well it is a field promotion , because i am still on a mission near Quartz , with my unit : Mary , J.Edgar and Weasel . My family is of Italian origins , and just like them , I like to travel and discover new places , that's why I accepted this mission. The Wasteland is a dangerous place , but I know that out there I will find the remains of years past , and what I can salvage for future generations. In my back pack I've got weapons ( like my very sharp combat knife and my pistol) , some supplies ( fruits and some snake squeezin') and armor ( like my bulletproof shirt and leather jacket) , but I like to scavenge what I can find from past , better times.Useful stuff to help me pass the time and to remember that I am also a human , not only a soldier. I have copies of old manuals for games called "rpgs" like Gammaworld , D&D and Savage Worlds ( but only some of the strange dice needed to play the games ) , an old VHS copy of the movie Stalker ( and , of course , I don't know if I will ever be able to see it....) and also a copy of the novel "Damnation Alley " by Roger Zelazny , that I enjoy reading when I have the time , between encounters with Dwellers and Sniperbots. I also like to draw , and I have plenty of paper , but my back pack is still missing a pen , so that will have to wait . I like this place , I think I will rest here for a while.......
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Briosafreak has long-since forgotten the concept of personal hygiene. His
dirty black hair clings to his face like dead ebony vines. A thin, scraggly Beard
barely conceals deep red pock marks.
"I am so glad to meet you. I've always admired the Rangers and I consider
you the only people I can trust with some secret information." The fat man's
yellow eyes slip side to side in his obese face. Faran Brygo is trying to get
$100,000,000 in diamonds to York Isle on the east coast of the continent, and
he needs someone like you to make the journey. If he succeeds, he will destroy
the economy of the world and we will all be thralls in his new empire."
Briosafreak produces a handkerchief and wipes the sweat from his brow. I will let
you keep the diamonds if you can stop his mad plan. Find him, kill him, and
you will save the world ."

I won't kill Brygo :), just saying howdy, really excited to be back on the Rangers once again.
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Clever! Once WL2 is finished, maybe inXile will create a conversion kit to import D&D characters. ;)
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*laugh* I guess that would be fun :D
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Hello everyone,

I'm 24 years old and I basically learned all my english playing Fallout 1 and 2 many times all over again :) I love Fallout, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, and most of all Planescape Torment. I often try some very old games using dosbox, like Albion which I played 2 years ago and I agree that ideas and hard work are far more important than graphics and technology.

I am eager to see what will happen with this project and I want to back it up. Getting the game free of charge when it's out is basically just like a small bonus ;)
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Hey everyone.

I just can't wait to see wasteland 2... It's gonna rock!!!1one11! Fallout is one of my favorite game of all times, and I'm hoping a lot of this title.

I don't really know what to say, excepted that I really respect you all guys both developers and fans, for standing for something right like getting a video game funded by fans; not having a stupid producer who cares too much about his money and reputation, and who would waste all what's good in a game like this.

Also, I think the whole game industry needs to be completely reworked on, to something more fan-driven much less crappy/corporate. This project means a lot for the indie scene, even if neither the developers nor the title are comparable with indie stuff... It means a lot because it means that funding does not have to come from a company, nor from a single entity. Also, I think that giving back 5% of the total funds raised back to some other projects will give the needed boost for some interesting games to be. I truly hope we all are changing the way that video games will be developed in the future.

Well, apart that, I saw that there are many many posts to read, so I don't really know where to start...

Excepted with : Go, go mighty wasteland 2!
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Hello everyone here. I'm just another new member of Wasteland 2 community. I've just put down $55 pledge for the International Friendly Package through Paypal, and a huge thanks to inXile for this additional options for us international fans.

Now let me just say that I'm a complete newbie here. I have never played Wasteland before, neither did I ever played Ultima, Fallout 1 or 2, Phantasy Star, or any of those "old school" RPG games. Although I started gaming back when we used to have a 16-bit DOS computer at home, my earlier gaming experiences are mostly towards the action oriented games like Xenon 2, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Counter Strike, etc etc. My first experience with RPG games was with Oblivion, which I understand many still disagree on how RPG is Oblivion :mrgreen: So you're not going to see me furiously argue in the suggestion sections trying to defend or refute a suggestion. :P Most of the time I'll be here reading people's opinion on what makes or break this kind of RPG genre.

So why did I did I pledge %55 then for a genre I've never played before? Well after years of playing action games which seems to have gone stale recently with everyone trying to be another COD, I'm not venturing into other genre that are not so popular these days. And this old school RPG has been one that attract my interest and when people talk about open world RPG, Wasteland gets mentioned all the time. So I want this game to be a success and it looks like it can be the perfect game for me to be a fan of this genre.

But that's just half of the reason why I support this project that much. In part, I stand for everything that Brian Fargo is doing, making games that he has always wanted all these years, his willingness to listen to the fans, and more importantly, not compromising all of that with a publisher. In the recent interview on reddit where he revealed that there are now publishers come knocking at his door and he pretty much told them to buzz off. This to me proves his integrity as a game maker and we need more developers like Brian Fargo.

With Kickstarter, I think PC gaming is heading for an exciting time. Wasteland is just the tip of the iceberg.
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Oi, this is TΛPETRVE from Suevia, Schwobaländle, Schwaben, Swabia, Southwest Germany, whatever rocks your boat. 26 years of age, studied in the artistry of heavy duty video garbage and experimental black metal bullshit. Devoted to the crude aesthetics of magnetic audio and video tapes, hence my nickname, which at the same time is a potshot at many of my dreaded fellow black metal zealots out there, who of course are all individuals.

My gaming experience started off, not counting Chess on the Sinclair ZX81, with Raid over Moscow on the Commodore 64 (which by the time was effectively put on the infamous German index of media harmful to minors, but back then no one gave a shit :mrgreen: ). I first played Wasteland when I was roughly 8, so of course my knowledge of the English language wasn't the best. Thankfully my uncle would provide ample help, as we played together. Great times, indeed, and I am looking forward to the Wasteland sequel, more than I ever looked forward to any Fallout related content lately - while I loved Fallout 1 and 2, I simply couldn't get into anything that followed.
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My name does not matter. My parents were killed by raiders when i was 8, luckily a band of travelling merchants found me. Ever since then i have been one of them they have accepted me. Now i am twelve years old and i snuck away from the camp, i am on my journey to Ranger Central in the Nevada wastes it is a long way away. But with my skills hopefully i can make it.
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