The Mages Tale missing collectable glitched?

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The Mages Tale missing collectable glitched?

Post by chucknorris078 »

I'm currently playing The Mages Tale on PSVR and I believe my game to be glitched but i want to verify. I am collecting the cages and it appears the first fairy cage on the left table is not appearing. Every collectable guide says its an auto pick up. Please help as i like the game but dont want to play through again. thanks.
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Re: The Mages Tale missing collectable glitched?

Post by dokidokie »

I played i, too. Few VR games integrate story, boss battles, combat, puzzles, and motion control into one competent brew–usually more than one of those things is absent from the end result. But as I lifted my controller to my mouth to drink a potion or something in the options menu, or looked behind me to toss a spell enhancement into a frog’s mouth, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything except having a great time with a good game which also happened to be one of the best VR experiences around.
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