Wasteland style Fallout game??????

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Wasteland style Fallout game??????

Post by Wombatprod »

Greetings all,

I just wanted to put out my thoughts with the change in the gaming environment that has happened with Microsoft purchase of ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda, would that make it easier for a wasteland style fallout game like the original fallout 1 and 2?

Yes, I am aware of the history of Wasteland and the sequels which are fantastic and highly enjoyable but would there be any interest in seeing something similar for the Fallout setting or maybe doing a more "X-com" style with the Brotherhood of Steel?

I would love to see either option in the future or more wasteland games, all options are great. I was just wondering what other people were thinking.


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Re: Wasteland style Fallout game??????

Post by FYKC »

I wanna play a Wasteland city/state builder. The Rangers are supposed to be descended from army engineers, right? Well let's engineer the Wasteland into a more hospitable place. Build bridges, roads, set up construction projects, etc. Think like Tropico and Sim City.

Or imagine like a Spintires-like spin off where you drive a realistically handling Kodiak through a realistically modeled Wasteland environment and you gotta take care to avoid getting stuck in mud pits and ruins and whatnot. Your vehicle could have extensive customization. The premise could be as simple as "you are a delivery driver".

What about a Wasteland Monster Hunter like game. Instead of playing as one of the Ranger's kill teams like Echo or November, you play as a team of Ranger researchers working to collect, study, and understand the various new strange flora and fauna of the Wasteland. Maybe you're working to open a zoo.
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