Wasteland 3 still has ridiculous price for Ukraine

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Wasteland 3 still has ridiculous price for Ukraine

Post by ElvenNeko »

Here it costs 1500 UAH. My month income is 1600 UAH. Cute price, right?

What is more funny, for Russia, where average income is several times higher games costs 2000RUB, that = 750 UAH, TWICE cheaper.

I was really looking forward to play this game with a friend. But with this kind of price there is no way we will ever afford it, especially after quarantine dried all my money supplies and run me in debts. You can say "wait for discount" - but that is what i would do if game had russian price. But this... even with discount it will still be too much.

I have but one question. WHY? What is the logic in such pricing? My country suddenly became rich, and only i am unaware about it?
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Re: Wasteland 3 still has ridiculous price for Ukraine

Post by Firkraag »

I think, because Russia falls under some kind of regional price program and most publishers don't seem care all that much about Ukrainian market.

And I don't how is it now, but a couple of years ago buying cheap regional activation codes and reselling them in the West was a lucrative business.

Good news is that some nice soul put Pathfinder: Kingmaker for mere 11,50~ bucks in Ukraine. I was glad to buy it.

Can't honestly answer about Wasteland 3, but indifference, lack of resources to conduct regional pricing study or speculation concerns are not out of the table. It would be nice to have fairer prices, but I doubt, they did on purpose.

P.S. With incredible backlog of genuinely good (well-reviewed and well-patched) old games and indie-dev masterpieces out there I've noticed, that I can simply wait four, six, ten years for price of games and hardware to drop down, if publishers can't entice me with competitive prices.

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