Remake/Reboot Hunted: The Deamons Forge

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Remake/Reboot Hunted: The Deamons Forge

Post by Warphorntek »

I just cannot get this game out of my head. It has been long time and i still look back to our duo with funny, engaging and well paced time i spent with them. It is one of the games i did not expect much and such detailes as pushing into each other while swaping "played character" just empowered friend friend/companion vibe os the game. I am thinking here and there how awesome it would be to revisit them again and so i think in these times of remakes, reboots and awesome reveal of Unreal Engine 5 it would be glorious to touch on this entertaining game whitch still looks quite good even after 10 years have passed. There is never enough coop experiences and even less good coop experiences. This was great journy and i would be willing to back its return to us because it is such a jewel in my playthroughed youth.

It was one hell of a journy. 8-)

Please excese me for my gramar and such.
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Re: Remake/Reboot Hunted: The Deamons Forge

Post by Helz »

This has to be one of the most severely underrated games of all time. I picked it up out of the bargain bin because it was co-op, and I was shocked by how good it was. Then I read the reviews...good lord. I felt sorry for the developers. The concept was great, Gears of War in a medieval fantasy world. But it was better than that, it was like a marriage of old school and new. It reminded me of a modern Gauntlet. The artwork and character design was noteworthy, generic enemy types like goblins were legitimately scary. My wife is not a gamer but she also enjoyed playing, although she'd stop a lot because it was giving her nightmares. Unfortunately, our Xbox broke in the middle of the playthrough and we never finished. I've never met anyone who's even heard of Hunted, thanks for the trip down memory lane!
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