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Welcome to the inXile forums!

These forums are intended to provide the community with spaces that can receive civil, constructive commentary and feedback regarding inXile’s products. At all times we expect content and tone to remain civil regardless of the topic or the actions of another poster, and during potential disagreements.

Please post threads to the correct sub-forum.

We respectfully request that before creating a new post, you first use the Search function to ensure that a similar post has not already been created. If one has, please check it and feel free to add to it in the case where information pertinent to that subject has not already been shared.

New threads need to have appropriate and valuable content and context.

Please do not create threads that only offer links with no context. Additionally, threads that are devoid of any context, contain inappropriate content, or are created specifically to cause unrest are subject to removal from these forums.

Use the Report button to bring any violation of these rules to our Moderators’ attention.

Our Moderators will do their best to stay vigilant to help make sure the forums remain a safe and fun place for the community to interact. When a violation occurs, we ask that you report it and don’t add to the problem.

Moderator decisions/actions should not be discussed within the forums.

Please be aware that ignoring a moderator’s instructions, posting about an action, or reposting removed posts is an automatic warning and if repeated will likely result in a suspension from the forums.

Do not create the same post multiple times or “bump” threads without adding value to a thread.

Please use the edit button to add content to your previous posts. We also ask that you do not quote from locked threads to continue the discussion from a locked thread. Generally speaking, threads that are locked have been locked for a reason.

No discussion of illegal activities is allowed in these forums.

Illegal content and discussions of illegal actions are not allowed. The rule of thumb is that posts need to be civil with an emphasis on offering constructive commentary for the community and/or our development teams. Failure to respect these forum rules can result in suspensions from posting, or having posting access permanently removed.

We respectfully ask that all posts here are submitted in English.

While we welcome anyone to come and join our forums, our ability to read and act on posts can only be done in English, so we’ll need to remove any that are in other languages.

One account per user.

Registering multiple times is considered an infraction of these forums and will result in all associated posting accounts being banned.

Action against your account is tracked and will escalate in severity.

Depending on the severity of the violation your account is subject to a warning, temporary suspension, or permanent ban. In most cases, multiple warnings will be given (removal of a post can be considered a non-verbal warning) before a suspension, and multiple suspensions may be given before a permanent ban. However, intentions, severity of an infraction, and general expectations for future conduct may skip the standard escalation and result in more immediate and severe action against your account. If you disagree with an action taken on your forum account, you’re welcome to submit a ticket through the Support Site.

Our Rangers and moderators are not inXile employees.

Please be aware that moderators are not inXile employees, and (while generally knowledgeable and helpful) do not represent or speak for the company.

The rules apply equally to the entire community associated with these forums. It’s our hope that by acknowledging these requests, you can help us maintain a healthy, productive, and fun atmosphere for interacting with us and your fellow community members.

Thank you,
inXile entertainment

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