Any word on StarFlight remake?

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Any word on StarFlight remake?

Post by zapman » August 20th, 2017, 11:01 pm

I came here looking for posts about this tweet ... 8537523200
It seems a Starflight remake was pretty much confirmed by this, but it seems since the title is such a relatively unknown series I can't dig up anymore dirt. Came here hoping someone might have more info, or your thoughts on a Starflight Remake. Does Inxile own the rights to the game? Is that how Brian knows its being developed because they handed the project to another team?

I just really want this game and I find it strange its not being discussed more. The original starflight, even in its dos version BLEW my mind, and I didn't grow up with it. Got into it maybe last year and I was speechless seeing the scope of the universe, its interesting rpg elements, planet exploration, ect. I also got to play the Sega Genesis version, so I hope the remake takes the sleeker design of the genesis version with some of the more "command console-esc" elements to make you really feel like you are piloting a ship. This has the potential to blow away other space sims and its foundation had been laid out YEARS ago.

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