PsT running flawlessly on Mac with mods (2016)

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PsT running flawlessly on Mac with mods (2016)

Post by ar_xiv » October 17th, 2016, 12:24 pm

Not sure how many mac users are around here, but I'm sure those who have tried running the GOG version of Planescape: Torment with the widescreen mod have run into countless random crashes and visual glitches and all around headaches getting this thing working. I thought I would outline how I got my copy running with zero crashes and all the nice mods running at high resolution.

I got this going with the current newest version on GOG, I used the following guide, but have made some crucial changes: ... ds/cqczfuc

First things first, for the users who already have a semi ok running copy but still experience tons of random crashes, see step 7 I've added below.

I've copied and pasted the reddit user's instructions, with my modifications in bold. Note, some of his tweak choices and omissions are subjective.
1) Download and install xquartz: this step might be unnecessary now. it's a useful thing to have around however
1b) Install the game from GoG (before or after)
The rest is nearly the same guide of the stackexchange link: ... 737#166737
2) Download the mod compilation pack, which contains all the mods listed above as of 6 August 2012, and unzip it:
3) Right-click on the Planescape Torment application, and choose Show Package Contents.
4) Double-click on the drive_c shortcut, and from there go to /GOG Games/Planescape Torment/
5) Copy all the files and folders from the compilation pack (from within the pstmods folder) here.
6) Open in the top level of the planescape app package Click 'Advanced.'
6b) Optional, but probably a good idea for future OS X versions: Update The Winery version & engine per ... -reliably/
7) MOST CRUCIAL STEP TO APP STABILITY: Click "Set Screen Options." under Other Options, make sure "Use Mac Driver instead of X11" is checked. This improves performance dramatically and thus far for me, has solved every random crash and visual glitch issue. I have this and "decorate windows" checked, and the other two options unchecked. Click Done
8) Under Windows EXE, click Browse. From the file browser, go to drive_c(shortcut)/GOG Games/Planescape Torment/ and choose the Setup-PST-Fix.exe. Check the box "Use Start.exe".
9) Now, Click "Test Run". A text window will pop up, follow the prompt to set your language and other options (it can take a while to patch some of the files).
10) Now basically, you will repeat the steps for each patch, using the test run button to install the following patches: setup-widescreen.exe, Setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe(to set the scale of the user interface to match your screen resolution) Setup-PST-UB.exe (additional official quests), Setup-PST-Tweak.exe (some modifications to improve the game experience, more details below).

What you should know about some patches :
  • Widescreen mode : When the text window asks you the resolution of your screen. Don't make mistakes like 1400x900 instead of 1440x900. The game doesn't start because of that.
    GhostDog's UI : Adjust the font scale at 80% is perfect on 1440x900. Note: give some lower resolutions a shot, especially if you have a retina display. Though seeing loads of the environment at the same time is nice, I personally like to see the character sprites a little better. I also think some of the environments just work better with a more restricted viewport. I'm happiest with 1280x800.
    ddraw fix : I'm not an expert of this patch, I chose the first option during the installation and it seems to work, even if I've seen sometimes some little glitches in the game. Note: Possibly because we're using the Mac driver, Setup-ddrawfix.exe is NO LONGER NEEDED for a stable game. If you've already run it, re-run and choose option 3.
    Tweak patch : In this patch you'll see many options and cheats. I found a guide who recommends to don't install some options to don't break the game experience :
INSTALL : Banter Accelerator (30 mins), Add Quickload, BG2-Style THACo Display, Explore City Areas. Unfortunately, the stackable rings and scrolls options (weirdly) hangs the installer utility and results in a broken game, at least for me. You might have more luck, but expect to start from scratch if it doesn't work
DON'T INSTALL : Scale of Souls
INSTALL : Save Nordom! Tweak
DON'T INSTALL : Disabled Stat Minimums
INSTALL : Maximized HP Per Level for TNO and Party, Maximized Friends Spell.
Not Recommended : No Battle Music, Use Floating Text Font Globally
DON'T INSTALL : Indentify All Items, Early Glabrezus Tweak, Power Action Leprechaun Annah, Easter Egg Morte, Rest Anywhere, Tome of Cheats.
for a more detailed overview of the tweaks, see ... eadme.html
Note : you can change whenever you want these options by launching the patch again.
12) Now in the wineskin options, change the executable back to "Torment.exe". Curiously I don't need to check the "Use Start.exe" box. Now you can play the game.

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Re: PsT running flawlessly on Mac with mods (2016)

Post by drakenot » February 4th, 2017, 7:24 pm

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this out. I just followed these directions and things seem to be smooth sailing so far.

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Re: PsT running flawlessly on Mac with mods (2016)

Post by errantderyk » January 19th, 2018, 7:24 pm

Thank you for this. It's not often I find EXACTLY what I was looking for, but today must have been my lucky day.
Thanks for posting, ar_xiv.

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