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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by JoniOdin »

I don't know which language version you played, but the original German voice acting was great.
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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by tonurics »

JoniOdin wrote:I don't know which language version you played, but the original German voice acting was great.
The English version was pretty goofy. It also sounded like they only hired ~5 voice actors; some areas had the comedic effect of most of the NPCs sounding exactly the same. :lol:

[I loved Gothic 1 and 2, they were amazing games at the time.]
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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by vv221 »

That’s the main reason I try to play my games in the original language when available, it is often the one who received more love.
By the way, the Polish voices in The Witcher are really great! (even when you don’t understand Polish like me)
Oh, and try the Deponia games in German too ;)
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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by IHaveHugeNick »

From what I heard, Witcher's dubbing is top notch regardless of localization. But Gothic was a medium-budget game by comparison. G 1& G2 are great games, but production values were mediocre at best even at the time, and that applies to VO as well.

I still remember trying to play Gothic 2 after Morrowind, and being shocked by just how inferior the graphics were, even though G2 came out year later. Gothic community is trying to make some sort of engine modification that improves the graphics, but the original assets are so poor, it's a futile effort. No amount of god rays and modern tech is going to fix that.
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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by Firkraag »

I tried to think about it before once or twice and realized, that I don't have top X games, that I like more, than others. For me it's like owning library, but admitting, that you care only for couple and everything else - just furniture.

I like a lot of different games for different reasons and most of the time - for specific things, that were in those games, that gave me incredible experience, taught me something or made me thinking...

Making that list would me monumental work. Of course, there would be something, like Planescape: Torment and Shadows of Amn, because, they were great, but on my list there's also bad received or old or obscure games. Recoil was a game, when I learned, that even tanks can be sneaky and reflexes is not the only way to play FPS. Vangers showed me, that world can be pure undiluted madness, as long as your narrative is clear and simple. Each game of the Mass Effect series had something awesome in it alongside something mediocre.

I can say for sure, that most inportant games I played was western RPGs, but there's a lot of games from other genres, that captured my attention and influenced me one way or another. Thief and Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Magic Circle and Heroes of the Storm. Trials in Tainted Space(nsfw) and Choice of Robots. Parkan: Iron Strategy and Heroes of Might and Magic 2. Transistor and Murder: Soul Suspect. And many, many more. I know, they had flaws, but there was also a good stuff. Sometimes you don't even need masterpiece, and being a distraction is good enough.
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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by DarkForestCrow »

1.) Fallout 1, 2
2.) Neverwinter Nights 1, 2
3.) Planescape: Torment
4.) Baldur's Gate
5.) Diablo 1, 2
6.) Mass Effect 1, 2, 3
7.) System Shock, Bioshock series
8.) Jade Empire
9.) Wasteland 2
10.) Jagged Alliance 2

I didn't mention Arcanum because I didn't play it. Fallout 2 is the top 1 game which defined my games world view.
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Re: Your Top 10 Games

Post by K T Ong »

Interesting that no one so far seems to have mentioned Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. One of the very first true 3D dungeon-crawling games ever. I remember how amazed I was when I first saw it. Loved the runic magic system, too.

Heretic and Hexen by Raven Software also appear not to have been mentioned so far. Both have gorgeous graphics, especially the latter.
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