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Disco Elysium Final Cut.
Such a great game!
Had much fun 2019 when it got released.
Now i'm diving back with full voice acting. ^^
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Valheim.... Such a great game. Viking Minecraft. has some grindy bits, mostly when collecting and processing metal. But each area is a step up, and the difficulty steps up with it.

The first time a troll pops out of seemingly nowhere (they are quite quiet and not always obvious amongst the trees) was a great surprise. Dangerous, but fun.

And the longboat is a joy to sail
It's not too late. Make it Eight!
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Overwatch and Im close to hitting level 800 :lol:
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Breath of the Wild - got 3 of the 4 Divine Beasts and currently wandering the Gerudo Desert.
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I am currently playing Minecraft Dungeons game. To be honest, this game is fantastic! The visuals are really good, the music hits spot on, and the gameplay is really fun.
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