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Read Dead online

Lotsa fun if you have a group to play with.

And unlike GTA the griefers are less of a problem
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WoW Classic. Well after quitting the game 5 years ago because of the new updates and the the direction the game went in , I decided to go back to what I love and give Classic ago , Well ive played non stop for the past 8 hours lol ! This game is still a blast and its been years.... Thank you Blizz for bringing back all memories , and the game looks amazing in 4k Ultra.
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I am currently playing game right now is sonic jam and This is my most favorite game.
I like to play free roms games online and my most favorite game is sonic jam.
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I decided to give COD: Warzone a try and I'm honestly quite impressed with the mechanics. They did a lot better than CS:GO's attempt to create a BR.
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I just crossed 5,500 hours in Rust

I play WAY too much Rust :)
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Wither 3, i played this game 5 times, last was then Netflix series was dropped, my pleasure
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Disco Elysium Final Cut.
Such a great game!
Had much fun 2019 when it got released.
Now i'm diving back with full voice acting. ^^
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