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Red Boots Mod

Post by Shadow Jack » October 27th, 2018, 11:13 pm

If you ever wondered how .38 revolver and .50 cal anti-material rifle can share the same barrel - this mode is for you. Intention of this mod was to give more "realistic" feel to the game. You cannot attach Beretta's magazine to AK47, you cannot stash several miniguns in your inventory and be able to move, you NEED water in Arizona and if you have not invested in Outdorsman skill you can die of dehydration. If you do not take care of your gun it will jam(gameplay wise that means that you need at least 1 point of Weaponsmith skill for every team member that will use complex weapons and one crew member with high Weaponsmith to get high level mods for your weapons).

After installing delta patch you will be able to easily mod weapons, ammo, equipment, NPCs, Skills, Attributes etc.
In Mods/Export folder you will find vanilla .mson files if you modify them and put in the corresponding folder in the Mods/Import you will be able to mod game objects. Or you can alter/delete my .mson files that are already in the Import folder to rebalance/remove some items/features.

Most of the weapons have their own set of mods/slots. So only weapons that are close relatives can share magazines, barrels(e.g. M4 and m16).
Every firearm in game can be modded with several types of mods: suppressors, barrels, under-barrels, optics, receivers/trigger groups, magazines, gun slings/holsters, magazine couplers. Some mods(barrels, receivers) can be tiered by quality(Old, Used and New) which will have effect on benefits they provide. New barrel will provide you with damage that is equal to the top tier endgame weapons. New receiver will provide significant bonus to rate of fire and reload speed and weapon reliability.
To get New mods you need weaponsmith skill level 10. To get Used you need weaponsmith skill level 7. Old barrel can be obtained from wepon if you have weponsmith skill level 4 and it is close to useless unless you try to upgrade you first low tier weapon.

Backpacks now provide carry weight bonuses and now they have mod slot for a water flask.

Most of the weapons were rebalanced and their caliber was adjusted to reflect real life models(e.g FN FAL uses 7.62 NATO and AK-47 uses 7.62*39)
All bladed weapons have high chance to apply bleeding effect

Started process of rebalancing energy weapons ( still work in process). As of now: added burst mode to almost every weapon. Completely removed burst and full auto chance to hit penalties and significantly increased rate of fire. I believe all those changes should make energy weapons wore adequate comparing to the other weapon types.

Adjusted weight of the ammo(e.g. 50 cal is way more heavier now)
Added armor-piercing type of ammo, and slugs for the shotguns.
Slugs have higher penetration, longer range but 0 spread cone.
Added several new calibers: .38 special, .44 Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, 10*24 Caseless, 7.62*25, 7.62*39, 7.62*54r, 5.7*28, 9*18(Not all of the new calibers have corresponding weapons...yet).

Skill development now costs twice as much as in vanilla game(full development of any skill now costs 88 skill points instead of 44). However you can earn twice as much skill points per level...if you invest in INTELLIGENCE attribute. So now each level of Intelligence provides bonus to skill points earned.
Most of the NPCs now always drop their weapons when dead. No more savescamming to get that rifle from the fallen enemy!
AP costs for all actions have been doubled, same was done with AP gains from corresponding Atrributes. That was done to make balancing weapon's rate of fire easier.
Level cap is increased to 60

Adjusted stats of recruits to meet new skill system requirements.

Vax now has 950HP so it does not die in the first fight
Jaime The Robot now has 900HP
Removed armor from most Arizona animals and added extra HP(because ANIMALS DON"T HAVE FREAKING ARMOR!!!)

Extra attribute point is given every 5th level now.
Strength provides less benefits to amount of staff you can carry, gives +1 bonus to Hard-ass skill.
Intelligence now provides benefits to xp earned, each level of intelligence provides bonus to skill points, +1 bonus to Smart-ass skill.
Charisma provides bonus to barter +10% to selling price, +10% discount, +1 bonus to Kiss-ass skill.
Luck provides huge bonuses to critical hit chance if maxed out, +1 bonus to Explosives skill.

All weapon skills provide lower initial chance to hit bonus - so now to be able to hit a target you have to invest in a skill.
Outdoorsman now has effect on amount of water and items you can carry
Sniper rifle skill gives bonus to max attack range.
Animal whisperer skill gives significant bonus to damage that is dealt to animals.
Computer Science skill gives significant bonus to damage that is dealt to synths.
Surgeon skill gives significant bonus to damage that is dealt to humans.
Weaponsmith skill gives severe penalty to chance to jam if skill level is 0 (+20% to chance to jam) and respectively chance to jam lowers with skill advancement.

description : "A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Your total action points are lowered, but your Strength is increased."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +2 to strength. Drawbacks: -2 to action points "
Built to destroy
description : "The flamer that burns twice as bright burns half as long. All weapons have +3% chance to Critical Hit, but equipment condition decays much faster."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +3% chance to Critical Hit. Drawbacks: +6% to chance to jam "
Fast Shot
description : "You don't have time to aim for a targeted attack, because you attack faster than normal people. It costs you one less action point for guns."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: -2 to Attack Cost. Drawbacks: -100% special attack chance to hit "
description : "Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don't do as much damage, but you cause more critical hits."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +10% critical chance. Drawbacks: -25% to damage "
description : "You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent as much time honing your skills."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +1 to all Attributes. Drawbacks: -3 Skill Points per level "
Good Natured
description : "You studied less-combative skills as you were growing up. Your combat skills start at a lower level, but other skills are substantially improved."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +1 to non-combat skills. Drawbacks: -1 to all combat related skills "
description : "By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot faster in a turn. This lowers your Armor to just what you are wearing, but you sequence much faster in a combat turn."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +3 to initiative. Drawbacks: -2 to armor "
One Hander
description : "One of your hands is very dominant. You excel with single-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons cause a problem."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +20% to one-handed ranged weapons. Drawbacks: -4 to all two-handed ranged skills "
description : "Since you spend more time improving your skills than a normal person, you start with better skills levels. The tradeoff is that you do not gain as many extra abilities. You will gain a perk every five levels."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +3 to skill points per level. Drawbacks: You will gain a perk every five levels. "
Small Frame
description : "You are not quite as big as other people, but that never slowed you down. You can't carry as much, but you are more agile."
effectsDescription : "Benefits: +2 to coordination. Drawbacks: -20% to weight you can carry "

New perk: "Eyes on the target" - +2% Chance to Hit bonus when repeatedly attacking a target with your ranged weapon. Bonus lost when switching to another target
Action Boy
"Each level of Action Boy gives you an additional AP to spend every combat turn.. Benefits: +1 AP "
Living Anatomy
"You have a better understanding of living creatures and their strengths and weaknesses. Benefits: +20% damage vs. humans "
Bonus HtH Attacks
Bonus Move
Bonus Rate of Fire
Earlier Sequence
Gain Attribute
Swift Learner

Helmet: +1 to Armor, Trauma Plate +1 to Armor, Camouflage Pattern +1 to Evasion, Knee Pads -1AP to change stance(crouch) cost

In Ranger Citadel you can purchase medical procedure that will increase your attributes.

And lots of more small changes I've already forgot about...

WARNING! If you have vanilla or old version of this mod saves, backup them before installation of the mod, launch game and remove all mods from your weapons and put weapons to inventory so that they will be unloaded(I plan to change some weapon's calibers and not sure how game will treat situation when your gun is loaded with wrong type of ammo or equipped with mod that does not belong to this weapon anymore) and save(Use this save as initial save for modded game). Due to mod features your team will be weak so use Ranger Editor( ... Editor.jar).

1. Go to viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17009
3. Download latest patch and delta patcher from( ... g80ka?dl=0)
4. Install delta patch
5. Create folder where you will store the mod (e.g. "G:\RedBoots\Mods\Import")
6. Launch game for the first time
7. Go to Options Menu to the Modding sections
8. Check Use Custom Folder
9. Put to Mod Folder Path the path to the folder you've just created ( e.g. "G:\RedBoots")
10. Download both Main files (Sptite, Mson files) from Nexus
11. Extract the contents of both Main files to your mod folder location(e.g. G:\RedBoots\Mods\Import)
12. Have fun. If you don't, give feedback - I'll see what I can do
13. If you do, give feedback and endorse.


Combat freezes: Make sure that you have latest patch version.

Rangers running too fast: To alter run speed edit this file "\Mods\Import\BaseStat\DerivedStat\runSpeed.mson".

Confusing barrel/magazine mods description: Now formula of calculating effect is bit different: multiply weapons damage/clip size by 0 and then add bonus. So basically if in mod description you see that it adds 10 point of damage that means that total damage amount will be 10. If you see that magazine adds 40 to capacity that means that total magazine capacity will be 40. Sorry description is now a bit confusing but it is due to the limitations of the modding framework.

Guns jam too often: Check your weaponsmith skill(it should be at least 1).

Game fails to load(ranger star keeps rotating but game menu fails to appear):
1. Make sure you've followed INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - then try again.

2. Delete folder "\Import\LosAngeles\CA00_SantaFeSprings\Interactable" - then try to launch game again.

3. If first two options did not help try the solution provided by GhostOfRazgriz:
"For Steam users, follow these directions to make the symbolic link.
1. You'll need to choose a location on your computer to save the RedBoots01 folder to. I chose to create a folder on my D drive named WL2 Mods, and I put the RedBoots01 folder into there.

2. Go into your Mods folder in the game directory (Wasteland 2 Director's Cut\Build\WL2_Data\Mods) and rename the Import folder to something else, such as Import (Backup). You could also delete the folder entirely but I recommend simply renaming it. The symbolic link folder that you're about to create will have to be named Import, which precludes the ability to run other mods normally with Red Boots. This means that you will either have to put all of your other mods into the RedBoots01\Import folder that you just made in Step 1, or only play with Red Boots.

3. Launch command prompt (possibly as administrator) and enter the following command:
mklink /J "*:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wasteland 2 Director's Cut\Build\WL2_Data\Mods\Import" "YOUR-DIRECTORY-HERE\RedBoots01\Import"

Replace the * with the drive that you have your game installed on, and replace YOUR-DIRECTORY-HERE with the location you chose in Step 1. Command prompt should display a "Junction created for..." message if it worked properly."

0.1 Initial release
0.02 Repackaged for easier intstall. Hotfix to remove installation bug for Steam version of game. Increased probability of AP ammo drops.
0.02b Hotfix
0.04 Repackage to workaround some temporary(I hope) Nexus limitations
0.06 Rebalancing of Luck and firearms, added all ammo to starting vendor, potential fix to null reference bug, added some icons, rechambered some weapons to more suiting calibers
0.07 Added Traits and Perks from fallout, lowered initial chance to hit bonuses, inflated AP costs/gains.
0.08 Bug fixes
0.081 Moved 0 cost clothes from starting vendor to avoid cash exploit, fixed infinite grenades bug, added hydration system and backpack as armor mod for companions that have no backpack equipment slot(e.g. Angela Death, Vultures Cry, etc).

This mod is possible only because of the amazing work of Executor.

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