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[MOD] Ye Olde Ranger Fashion Shoppe

Posted: December 18th, 2017, 2:56 pm
by scramjetbooster
1. Introduction
Welcome to Ye Olde Ranger Fashion Shoppe! Here we provide you Rangers (and Rangeress) with our top selections of the best and latest fashion the wasteland has to offer. From jeans to loincloth, from clown costume to raiders outfit, from bras to tank top, we cater all your apparel needs. Want to make your squad look like professional pre-war Special Forces? Why not grab one of our Tactical Leather Vests and put on those black army pants! Or perhaps you want to roleplay as some Mexican Mariachi Band, wandering the wasteland looking for wonders? Or maybe you want to appear menacing as a Red Scorpion militias? Or SPANISH INQUISITION where nobody expects?!! We have all the gear you need! (Now complete with Backpacks!)

This mod makes the starting vendor (Cpl. Selveig Sefors) outside the Ranger Citadel sells various garbs.... clothes... apparel... for your fashionable Rangers and Rangeress. All clothes cost 1$ only. She still sells all her usual items at her usual rates in addition to the clothes. Originally, I intended to add a new vendor to the game, but as far as mod support goes, I don't think it's possible yet. Obviously this mod will confict with any mods that change how the starting vendor item sale works (not that there are any).


Download link and screenshots:

2. Installation
Extract the "Mods" folder to "WL2_Data" folder in your Wasteland 2 DC Installation directory NOT TO GAME DIRECTORY.
Say, If you installed Wasteland 2 DC in "D:\Games\Wasteland 2 - Director's Cut", then extract it to "D:\Games\Wasteland 2 - Director's Cut\WL2_Data" so you now have "Mods" folder inside "WL2_Data" folder.

3. Uninstallation
Delete "VendorSet_AZ0_StartingVendor.mson" located in "\..\Mods\Import\VendorSet" folder

4. Limitation and Bugs
  1. Some clothing appearances differ between female and male rangers. This is something that's hardwire into the game because they lack the appropriate models. So don't be surprised if the Tactical Leather Vest (Vargas battle outfit) worn by your female ranger look not so badass compared to your male ranger.
  2. I still don't put balaclava and gas masks cause those are head model and you can't 'wear' head models (well actually you can, but putting on male hair to a female char and vice versa will result in crash). The only safe thing possible is going the old way of editing a save file.
  3. The clown clothes (wigs, shirts, and make up/mask) are only labelled as 'clothing'.
  4. Once you wear the clown "make up/mask", you can't get it off. Only know solution is to edit the save file (theoretically - I haven't tested it yet).
  5. Due to the amount of items, it might look like the game freeze when trying to initiate barter. This is normal. Also the barter screen look messy because I can't make the clothing items stackable.
5. Version History
1.0 - First upload. Vendor sells all wearable AZ and CA clothes.

6. Credits
inXile for this wonderful game

Re: [MOD] Ye Olde Ranger Fashion Shoppe

Posted: December 18th, 2017, 6:14 pm
by Zombra
Wonderful idea for a mod. Thank you for doing this!

Re: [MOD] Ye Olde Ranger Fashion Shoppe

Posted: December 18th, 2017, 7:30 pm
by scramjetbooster
Hey, thanks Zombra! Glad you like it! On a side note, it wasn't my original idea actually. I browsed through the forums a couple of week ago and found a topic back in 2015?/2014? (Can't really remember) where someone wished for a clothing vendor. Well, here you go. Hope the guy's still around :D.

Re: [MOD] Ye Olde Ranger Fashion Shoppe

Posted: December 19th, 2017, 1:43 pm
by Drool
Ohh, neat.