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Massive data dump

Posted: December 24th, 2016, 2:53 pm
by Executor_
NOTE: If you are using the modded game from this thread, then this export pack is now OUTDATED. Instead, if you haven't ran the modded game before, do so and exit at the main menu. There'll now be a settings.ini file created in the "My Games\Wasteland2DC\"* subfolder in your %userdata directory (eg. "My Documents"); the same location as where your saves for the game are stored. Open the settings.ini and set the FullExport option to true. Now run the modded game again, and load up a save. The first one will take like five seconds longer than normal since it'll have to write a few thousand files to disk, but after that any impact on loading times should be minimal. Check your "Mods/Export/" folder in "Wasteland 2 Director's Cut/Build/WL2_Data/" and you'll find the object data contained in this data dump, plus more, but with less errors.

*for Windows; MacOS: "Library/Application Support/Wasteland2DC/"; Linux: "Wasteland2DC/"

Link: ... (4.6MB ZIP file)

Contains 5000 files covering a good chunk of the ItemTemplate, MobTemplate, Spawner, StatusEffect, Trait, JournalEntryTemplate, VendorSet, DropSet, and AIWeightTemplate objects in the game. It's not complete yet, as from my analysis, it seems Spawners, DropSets, VendorSets, AIWeightTemplates and some MobTemplates are tied to specific maps and accessing them is a little trickier. Several of the Arizona maps are already included. If someone wants the data from another map, let me know and I can add it.

I'm fairly certain that it's outputted in the right MSON format, but I can't guarantee it till I've spent more time poring over the deserialization code. Quite a few fields don't seem to accept inputs, specifically those that need objects, as well as arrays/lists of enums or objects. It's quite possible that there's bugs in the apply override game code or simply some things weren't implemented.

The most functional objects, at least from the perspective of the game checking for an override MSON file, are: ItemTemplate, NPCTemplate, Spawner, StatusEffect, and JournalEntryTemplate. Base VendorSets are checked for override MSON files, however, some vendors seem to have extra ones that aren't, for instance, Mercaptain has a separate VendorSet for each of her rewards, and those can't be overridden. The game will NEVER check for an override file for DropSets (except by using the 'overrideDropSet' field in a Spawner), AIWeightTemplates, and PCTemplates/CNPCTemplates. I dumped out the Traits (perks/quirks) too because it took very little effort, but you can't change them either.

In the base folder, there's also merged collections of object data saved as TXT files, to make it easier to quickly look at large numbers of objects.

Re: Massive data dump

Posted: January 3rd, 2017, 5:28 am
by natty_dread78
Thanks a lot for that, that is exactly what I was looking for. May I ask how you upacked the files ?

Re: Massive data dump

Posted: January 3rd, 2017, 12:01 pm
by Executor_
I didn't actually unpack the files, I just made some adjustments to the game code so it would write the data to text files after it's loaded.