Adding Vulture's Cry to an AG center save file?

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Adding Vulture's Cry to an AG center save file?

Post by OldManRaven » November 24th, 2016, 11:46 am

So since I haven't found the old mod that allowed me to do so, or even know if it works on the DC version I'll throw it up here for anyone still lurking.

How would I add Vulture's cry to a save file in AG center? Adding her via notepad in the savefile works, but she acts as if I've never freed her from her cage and it causes the gam to lock up talking to an npc that isn't there. I tried adding in the code bit that marks her as rescued in the journal, but it doesn't seem to work at all.

Another thing to note, is that when I add her to the party, a dismissed Rose will sometimes spout Vulture dialogue. Additionally, if I try to manually add her into the party at any point, her stats will be forcibily set to her default levels. So no matter what data I put in BESIDES weapons and armor, Her stats and level will reset to level 6 at base value.

Any ideas on what I'm missing here? I'm thinking there's a flag tripped somewhere, but I can't seem to find where in the save data it is.

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