Complete pleb's guide to modding?

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Complete pleb's guide to modding?

Post by Roachy »

Hello all,

long time no post.

I see that the game now has mod support and a few "tutorials" on how to do this.

But I am a caveman, I don't know how to do anything other than install games and play them, so this seems inaccessible for me.

Heck, I can't even figure out where any of the things mentioned actually are.

All I would like to do is make "The Roach" (my backer weapon, whodathunk) super powerful so that I can continue using it into the end game.

If anyone could tell me very slowly how to do this, I would be very very grateful.

All the best,

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Re: Complete pleb's guide to modding?

Post by Executor_ »

Go to your
\Steam\steamapps\common\Wasteland 2 Director's Cut\Build\WL2_Data
Create a subfolder called 'Mods', then inside that 'Mods' directory, an 'Import' subfolder, and so on as shown below:

When you're finally finished creating all those folders, and making sure that you're in the 'ItemTemplate_WeaponShotgun' subfolder, create a new text file called
You need to make sure to change the extension to 'mson' so the game will recognize it (ie. 'Shotgun_Tier_2_2_TheRoach.mson.txt' will be ignored).

Open that file in Notepad/Notepad++, and copy+paste the following in and save:

Code: Select all

	firingModeInfos : [
		{actionPointCost : 3,  ammoCost : 1, chanceToHitPenalty : 0}
		{actionPointCost : 7,  ammoCost : 3, chanceToHitPenalty : 7}
	delayBetweenBullets : 0.7

	clipSize : 12
	actionPointCostToReload : 5
	chanceToJam : 0
	actionPointCostToUnjam : 3
	attackRange : 9
	optimalRange : 9
	pointBlankRange : 3
	coneAngle : 40
	minDamage : 32
	maxDamage : 39
	criticalHitBonusChance : 15
	criticalHitDamageMultiplier : 2.0
	armorPenetration : 3
	tier : 3
	price : 680
You can edit the values as you wish, they should be pretty self-explanatory. I've already buffed the weapon a bit. Note that 'chanceToHitPenalty' seems to be doubled in-game.
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Re: Complete pleb's guide to modding?

Post by marceror »

Wow, that was a very detailed and helpful post to address Roachy's specific request, and not so much as a thank you in return. :/ So I'm just popping in to let you know at least someone noticed the good effort to help out another player. This is nice to see, even if it apparently wasn't appreciated by the requestor.
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Re: Complete pleb's guide to modding?

Post by Roachy »

Apologies, as you can see I have been without internet for nearly a year now. (check when I last logged in) due to having to move around for work.

I do appreciate it, thank you very much.
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