Modding ammo type that drops/spawns with Weapons

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Modding ammo type that drops/spawns with Weapons

Post by Semaphore » July 19th, 2016, 3:29 pm

I figured out how to change which caliber the guns use, but I am having difficulties changing the drops and starting inventories to the new ammo. For example, if I switch the M1 to used .30-06, Angela Deth still starts with 5.56. Similarly, if I change the VP91Z to use 9mm, ranger starting inventory for it still has .38 ammo instead, as do enemy drops. I assume these are controlled by DropSets or spawners. How would I go about determining which dropsets or spawners to modify, and what would I need to include in the mson to get it to work properly (would I just need to include the ammo, or would the entire item list need to be duplicated)?
Thanks for any assistance.

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