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Surely I'm not the only one who enjoys spending hours fine-tuning ridiculous Ranger teams? My current group is a party of Schwarzeneggers.

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I thought you're talking about party stats, not their pics.

Speaking of which:

Starting Team

Character Plans
My leadership Ranger is my medic
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Typically in RPGs I use original creations but for this game I had a number of ideas, maybe it was because of the custom portraits option that led me to spending so much time trying to decide who to select. I actually had an Arnold in my team but he isn't one of the four you chose. My movie team had Dutch from Predator, along with Rambo, 007, and Ripley. The first game I played which I quit 15 hours in had four GI Joe characters.
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I'm playing the game with Sulik, Vic, Cassidy and the Chosen One from Fallout 2.
Even made their appearance like them, and wrote their bios.

I'm taking a creamy dump on the Wasteland lore, as far as I see it both games have the same universe, the Enclave was destroyed 5 years ago and the quadrio then made their way to Arizona.

Sulik has Submachineguns, Blunt, Brawling, Bladed, Brute Force and Outdoorsman.
Strength, Speed and Awareness are at 6, Coordination and Charisma are at 4, Luck and Intelligence are at 1.
(He is unlucky because someone stole Grampy Bone.)
Native American, Indigenous religion, smokes Bones, 28 years old.

Vic has Mechanical Repair, Toaster Repair (they work just like radios!), Barter, Demolition, Handguns, Weaponsmithing, Lockpicking and Heavy Weapons.
Intelligence is at 8, Coordination, Strength, Awareness and Charisma are at 4, Speed is at 3, Luck at 1.
(He is unlucky because c'mon, it's Vic. That dude always gets into trouble.)
American, Atheist, no smoking, 40 years old.

Cassidy has Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Hard Ass and Perception.
Coordination and Awareness are at 6, Luck is at 5, Intelligence and Charisma at 4, Strength and Speed at 2.
(He's got low strength and speed because of his heart condition. Luck is what's kept him going for this long.)
American, Christian, smokes Coffin Nails, 46 years old.

The Chosen One has Field Medic, Surgeon, Energy Weapons, Safecracking, Computer Science, Alarm Disarming, Kiss Ass, Smart Ass, Leadership and Animal Whispering.
Intelligence is at 10, Charisma at 8, Speed at 3, Coordination, Strength and Awareness at 2, Luck at 1.
(In the Temple of Trials I ran away from the ants, disarmed all the traps and fast talked my way past the guard.)
Female, Native American, no religion, no smoking, 24 years old.

Playing at Ranger difficulty, it's going very well so far. Had to reload a couple of times against the wreckers in Highpool, but since then it's been smooth sailing. The Chosen has a bit too many skills, but she levels up so fast it's not a problem. Sulik is the one who needs skill points the most, from a gameplay perspective he should have focused only on one melee skill, but then he wouldn't have been Sulik, now would he?
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That's cool, Staehrminator! Here's a couple ideas for characters I've had recently.

Skills: Assault rifle/Heavy weapons, Bladed weapons, Field medic, Outdoorsman, Weaponsmithing
Stats: High strength, high awareness, low coordination (he doesn't really aim)

Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Skills: Computer science, Mechanical Repair, Surgeon, Energy weapons
Stats: High intelligence, high speed (he can outrun Sonic!!!!1), low strength (skinny arms)

Jackie Chan
Skills: Brawling (duh), Perception, Kiss Ass?
Stats: High charisma (he so funny), high luck
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