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Pressure plate in Temple of Blood (MAC version)

Posted: January 26th, 2015, 5:43 am
by artemisworks
I'm playing Wasteland 1 on a Mac and I wonder if other users have experienced this issue?

I am in the Temple of Blood in Needles, having got past the river and all 4 snipers. I pick the lock and step into a room full of bad guys... a message flashes up, saying that there are pressure plates and do I jump over them, Yes/No. I keep typing Y and it keeps flashing up the same message over and over. It won't allow me to move into the room and I'm stuck in the door until I move down and trigger off the plate (and the laser turret - NOT GOOD).

Can anyone give me a tip about what I'm doing wrong? Or is it something weird with the Mac version that it keeps me stuck at this screen?

Any tips appreciated, thanks all.


Re: Pressure plate in Temple of Blood (MAC version)

Posted: January 26th, 2015, 8:06 am
by artemisworks
OK my mistake. It seems that even after you jump across the pressure plate, the dialog box keeps showing because you are still right next to it (but below rather than above). I managed to find myself inside the room to fight the bloodbeasts etc. and finally got the Bloodstaff but somehow, while trying to escape the room, I came across the same problem again and ended up stepping on the pressure plate. Got hit by the laser turret but managed to escape without anyone dying - phew!!!

Definitely an issue with a somewhat crappy and confusing interface, but it wasn't a bug at least.