"The Provost"

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Doctor Feh
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by Doctor Feh »

Came to this thread mainly to confirm that the Provost dying wasn't going to mess with any solutions in the Rail Nomads camp or elsewhere, because, uh... yeah, that dude puts Leeroy Jenkins to shame. He made it through three encounters before being surrounded and shot to death by the junkies he decided to charge into.

Even if it turns out later he's not just a red herring, I think I'll stick with it. I got his medal and mostly he was just comic relief to watch as he'd hurl himself into melee range to use a pistol that constantly jammed on him. I like to imagine that when he finally died, my group looked at each other and said, "Well-- that happened."
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by catar4 »

Hahah yeah, I came here out of curiosity to see what this guy is all about and like the mystery surrounding his death ... because in my game I reloaded once to him dying on a rush through a mine field to go melee on a toad with his pistol ... only for him to do it again while I tried to engage the ennemy to get THEM to go through the mine field ...

funny moment, I guess he was designed this way and I'm supposed to get the medallion.

Having read the whole thread with all the interesting information and theories, I will go with mine. If we look at "tropes", mainly TV tropes which have become mainstream for so many media and storywriting, what often happens to heroes who find antique medallions in mysterious circumstances ?

Yup, very often they'll use this medallion to activate something ... which will probably very likely look ancient. Such as a statue, maybe ? Damn, now I'll end up revisiting those sites I remember having statues to try out the medallion on them.

Hehehe, good times.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by vyvexthorne »

I found him again later in the game also.. He wasn't up to snuff this time around though. Poor guy is just a pizza now.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by IHaveHugeNick »

One of the shrines in LA area had a mystery door behind it that I wasn't able to open. Maybe the medallion does something there.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by Zebulah »

So what, he appears again later in the game? Always or only if you do / don't kill him?

He's still following me around. After the RNC I went to the distillery and then Darwin Village. Now I want to go to the citadel. So I've been stopping at places on the World Map on my way there, like Mysterious Shrines that I've been to, only to check if he's still with me, and he is.

So I saved at the fist Mysterious Shrine (the one slightly North of the Citadel). He is with me, but when I go to the Citadel he disappears, even when I go back to the Mysterious Shrine he's still gone.

This is bugging me a bit since I decided to let him tag along in case there is something special about him. But I really want to sell some junk and hand in some quests at the Citadel... Should I just let him disappear or should I murder him and get his medallion?
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by Blindchance »

He was following me around in Rail Nomad Camp. He got himself "accidently" killed by a pack of waste wolves. Thanks for the badge, silly fellow
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by Zebulah »

Alright, no answer as why to the provost goes Invisible / disappears when you go to the citadel. So I guess I'll just have ti forget about him. I won't kill him, as I have no reason for doing so. I hope this is as intended and isn't a glitch.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by gne »


It seems that if you speak to him with an Atheist character, he calls you Infidel. Speaking to him with a Christian or a Buddhist seems to elicit his normal dialogue (haven't tried it with other religions or "no religion").

edit: It seems that only Atheists will elicit the "Infidelis!" line from him.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by AndreGAS »

Medal of Honor badge holds password for the safe in Darwin, in the hall with Jan and dead metal monk
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by 1N54N3 »

I was running around the rail camp, and randomly saw a sign up above one of the paths. It seems that the first 3 words are in piglatin? Then the others are also Latin such as the Provost is speaking. I tried talking to him near the sign, but nothing seemed different.

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Re: "The Provost"

Post by SWA »

Pangaea wrote:
SagaDC wrote:And, once more, I resurrect this thread as new information comes to light.

Among the new additions to the Rail Nomad Camp is an archway leading into the "No Man's Land". Looking at this archway brings up the description of, "Ethay ignsay aysay" - which is pig latin for "The Signs Say" - followed by: "corrvmpitvr cor tenebrarvm. id aspicere, semper id aspicere, est via svperandi. id aspice!" Which I think is actual Latin. Since I don't actually speak Latin, though, I'm uncertain.
I took a shot at translating it, and came up with:

The sign says:

"Darkness corrupt the mind. Respecting it, always respecting it, is the way to survive. Respect it!"

Or something like that. It's hard to guess the exact word and meaning they were going for, but yeah.

corrvmpitvr(spoil, rot, corrupt) cor(mind, soul) tenebrarvm (darkness). id(it) aspicere(behold,regard,respect), semper(always) id(it) aspicere(behold,regard,respect), est (is) via(road,way) svperandi(survive). id(it) aspice(behold,regard,respect)
Corrumpitur cor tenebrarum. Id adspicere, sempter id adspicere, est via superandi. Id aspice

Cor is most often translated as 'heart / soul', and tenebrarum is a genitive plural. Since corrumpitur is the passive form of 'corrumpo' and has a specific passive meaning, namely 'to rot / wither away', the first part would read something like: 'the heart of darkness withers away'.

Id aspicere, semper id aspicere > to look at this / to perceive this, to always perceive this'

est via superandi > is the way of survival / the way to survive.

id aspice > look at this / see to this (imperative)

Almost the same translation as the previous poster, just slightly different! As if often the case with 'modern' Latin (assuming that it is just that), it's difficult to interpret the specific meaning of words. The classical words have several - sometimes very different - meanings and subtle inflections, and are often used in a different context all together.

The other Latin quote, the one from Phaëthon (Greek: Φαεθων, meaning 'shining (one)'), is 'easier' to interpret. As another already poster pointed out, it is about Phäethon, son of Helios, who wants to be acknowledged by his father. His father grants him one wish, by which he can show others he is indeed the son of the Sungod. When Phaëthon asks to drive his father's four-horse chariot (which pulls the sun through the sky), Helios attempts to convince him otherwise, but does not succeed. Because Helios has sworn an oath on the river Styx to make Phaëthon's wish come true, he is honourbound to fulfill it.

In the end, Helios can only stand by helplessly and watch his son fly away in his chariot. He knows how it will end, but cannot prevent it. And so Phaëthon flies off. Soon the horses pulling the chariot notice there's something wrong with the chariot's weight; it's almost as if there's noone there to guide it. The horses then break free from their reigns (they're too powerful for the mortal hands of Phaëthon) and try to fly off in different directions, thereby pulling the sun too close to earth (creating a desert) or too close past stars (making them disappear or retreat). In the end, mother earth (Tellus) asks Jupiter for help, arguing that even the gods themselves are at risk. Jupiter decides to intervene and throws a lightning bolt at Phaëthon, breaking the chariot apart and ending the young boy's life. Phaëthon drops downs to earth in the river Eridanus (perhaps the Po-river in Northern Italy). There he is buried by Naiads and given an epitaph:

Hic situs est Phaëthon currus auriga paterni
quem si non tenuit magnis tamen excidit ausis

'Here lies Phaëthon, the driver of his father's chariot
(and) even though he did not keep it under control, he succumbed (literally: fell out) to a very bold undertaking/venture'

Ovid's 'lesson' seems to be twofold: first Phaëthon attempts something not meant for mortals (or gods for that matter - as Helios says: not even Zeus, the all-father, is capable of controlling this chariot). Greeks would call this ὕβρις - hubris - excessive pride / arrogance (to reach beyond's one's station/capabilities). On the other hand, by speaking of 'magnis tamen ausis', he seems to give Phaëthon some consideration for the fact he did at least try.

How this all fits in with the provost, I have yet to find out, but it has piqued my interest. Also, apologies for the long and winded post; the story of Phaëthon was part of the Dutch final exams last year. I worked on Ovid with my students for an entire year, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the provost uttering Phaëthon's epitaph. You can understand why I felt the need to join this topic!

I hope I have not made any (or too many) mistakes in giving a translation and interpretation. I have no idea as of yet what kind of references Wasteland 2 gives. All the ones to Wasteland 1 are at least lost on me. I've seen some ideas in this post that I found credible. Perhaps it has something to do with a certain (too powerful) energyweapon? Or mabye it's a reference to Fallout New Vegas' energyfactory Helios 1? Maybe it has something to do with the train(s) in the Nomadcamp?

Anyhow, from now on, I'll keep my eyes wide open when walking through the Rail Nomad's camp. Perhaps there's more Latin to be found!

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Re: "The Provost"

Post by lewy_blazkowicz »

I first met this guy in the "Los Alamitos" area, not at all at the Rail Nomad Camp, as most of you guys seem to have. I try to do my best to explore all new areas, and I must say: not a slightest hint to his existence in the RNC. But then, in Los Alamitos... there he is, creeping me out. And as with most of you: I cannot decide what to do with him (instincts say bullet to the head, LOL).

Has anyone else met him where I have?
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by ZonkerBrainless »

I think he's just an homage to the "mysterious stranger" perk in Fallout.

In joke/easter egg.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by UncleSporky »

lewy_blazkowicz wrote:I first met this guy in the "Los Alamitos" area, not at all at the Rail Nomad Camp, as most of you guys seem to have. I try to do my best to explore all new areas, and I must say: not a slightest hint to his existence in the RNC. But then, in Los Alamitos... there he is, creeping me out. And as with most of you: I cannot decide what to do with him (instincts say bullet to the head, LOL).

Has anyone else met him where I have?
Yeah, he's in both places. I got him killed at RNC and just met him again there and he's following me around now.

Not sure if you can keep the first Provost alive to meet the second, or what.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by damirius »

Here's one more line for you:
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by 2xmm »

Found another Latin sentences.

This one as a radio transmission.

You get it when u go north west of lupe's mine to mysterious shrine. Then go a little bit north of mysterious shrine to first green area between mountains from east and west.. Radio frequency will change to I think 0322. And transmission will begin. Only words no voice...



don't know if it has any connection to provost except it is in Latin.
And BTW my provost got killed before I got this transmission (don't know if u can get that transmission if he is alive)..

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Re: "The Provost"

Post by happyemi »

He is dead in my game... put down by my sniper's friendly fire :geek:

I was there thinking: should I heal him after this fight? Is it worth it? And bam his head exploded due to a bullet that was not meant for him.

Good bye Provost, I hope you can find peace and rest from your madness.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by WCG »

gne wrote: It seems that only Atheists will elicit the "Infidelis!" line from him.
That's interesting, but it's a shame he's apparently just meaningless nonsense added to the game.

I stumbled across him in the Rail Nomad camp and wondered if I'd missed something, since I hadn't heard of a 'Provost' anywhere, and he won't say anything but "Infidelis!" I must say that it's disappointing to find out I'm just wasting my time trying to figure him out. What's the point of that?
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by Aroddo »

Bryan Fargo probably just put his grandfather in the game. Or father, forgot which.
He mentioned in an interview that one of those was an old fashioned fire-and-brimstone preacher.

In other words, the Provost is irrelevant.
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Re: "The Provost"

Post by Nail »

SagaDC wrote:As of the latest patch, the Medal of Honor actually has an appropriate icon matching its description (five-pointed star with a man bearing a shield on it), very closely matching the real-life medal its named for. I've also noticed that The Provost no longer spouts out his previous dialogue, and instead now repeatedly calls my group "Infidelis" when ever he's talked to. I don't speak Latin, but I'm going to guess that more or less means "Infidels". :P

I also swung by Switchman's Antiques to chat with him, and got the same story that Wickermoon mentioned, with a few extra details. All told, Switchman expresses surprise that you have the medal, and states that he "just sold it a few weeks ago, to a man in a big hat". He states that the man who bought it asked about its origins, with Switchman responding that he had bought it years earlier from a woman who was "looking for her husband at Darwin Village." Since you find the medal in a grave (well, technically in a toaster in a grave), it's probably safe to assume that the man with the big hat is dead.

Still no concrete ties between The Provost and the Medal of Honor, though, beyond the loose similarities between the Medal and the "Medallion of Minerva" that The Provost carries.

Heading to Darwin Village now.
Hmm, the word infidel - atheist, freethinker, pagan turns me to an idea, that the religion in the character creation part takes place here.
And yes, it's talking only with my cha 10 ranger.
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