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Jess-Belle and her father

Posted: April 6th, 2019, 10:13 pm
by madmaxthc
Wow, even after a few years this game keeps surprising me...
I was in Jess-Belle house in Highpool. I stopped the raiders from looting her safe, opened it, read the note. Then went to talk to her to get the quest to recover her dowry.

Then I did something I never did before: I talked to her again before leaving the house; turns out there were some more info I had never read. Jess-Belle and her father used to play often together; apparently he loved to play strip poker with her :shock:
She had noticed that he had marked his cards though, and she would usually win, which would upset her dad quite a lot :roll:
Apparently her father would often loose to the Red Scorpions as well, even using his set of marked cards :roll:

I guess many of you already knew this, I just found it out and made me chuckle. Well, kind of... it also weirded me out a bit :?

Even after years, this game holds some surprises. I love it! :)