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New found joy for this game!

Posted: April 6th, 2018, 9:53 am
by ThriceP86
Since this game is unplayable on my laptop (maybe that means I should get a gaming laptop), I got this game for my Xbox One a while ago and started getting back into it and have been completely obsessed! In fact, I've been so obsessed that I think I may have had some dreams about living in the wasteland.

And even though the game can still be a little glitchy on my console, I have enjoyed it immensely and I'm on my second go around with a more diplomatic team instead of shooting everything. Also, I can't decide which place I like more: Damonta or Canyon of Titan. I really like exploring around those areas, killing robots and trying to manuever around the canyon without a monk.

I also messed up because I was trying to make one of my NPCs turn into a pod person and then accidentally gave them the serum. I think I'll do that on my third game and also try to get Team Delta sent after me. Anyways, just wanted to share how much I enjoy this game and how much sleep I've missed because of it! :D